Our Products

Sardar Foods are sourced from quality raw products. This enables us to ensure that we can provide a reliable supply chain. Our supply chain involves transporting products in our temperature controlled delivery van to butchers, wholesalers or direct to the catering industry.

Lamb : Lamb Carcasses; Lamb Leg (bone in); Lamb Leg (boneless); Shoulder; Lamb Chops; Racks FTS; Lamb Mix Meat and small pieces onsid bon.

Mutton / Goat : Mutton Carcasses/ Mutton Leg (on site boning); Mutton (boneless); Mutton Chops; Mutton mix meat small pieces small pieces onsid bon; Minced Mutton Meat.

Beef : Beef Code, Whole Back Leg, Topside Beef, Silverside Beef, Rib Beef (on bone), Brisket, Ox Liver, Ox Hard, Ox Feet, Ox Starmark Clean, Mince Beef.

Chicken : Chicken: Chicken Breast fillet (boneless) (10 kgs); Whole Baby Chicken (600 800 gm); Whole Tandoori Chicken (1000 1100 gm); Whole Roster (1300 gm); Whole Hard Chicken ( Hence); Chicken Leg; Chicken Wince (two or three joints); Chicken Liver; Chicken Geget; Chicken Thai Meat; Chicken Neblet etc.

We also supply all kinds of foods for Indian restaurants including Ruhi, Mirgal, Boal, other fish blocks or ready to cook cut off pieces.